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Winners of the 2015 District3 Innovation Contest in Education

We designed an education portal to help communities learn about world issues through interactive games.

Winners of Two Prizes in the 2015 Wearable Hackathon

We built a real-time beat and speech synthesis engine, driven by ambient IoT devices interactions and Twitter hashtags.

1. Best Integration of Natural Language Understanding by Nuance.

2. Funniest/Most Entertaining Hack

Winner of the 2015 CHU Sainte-Justine Innovation Platform

I was invited to present the digital healthcare platform to the founders of the Genetic Laboratory of the CHU Ste-Justine where we discussed practical applications dealing with limits in the current system.


2017 Launch of the AI MTL Meetup

We launched a group on Meetup to discuss social issues that can be solved using machine learning.

2018 Disruptive Tech Conference on Blockchain in Healthcare

Guest Speaker at the 2018 Women in Bio Event where I gave a talk on the interface of Blockchain, AI and Healthcare with a presentation of the digital healthcare platform.

2018 Toronto Blockchain Conference

Guest Speaker at the STAR Conferences (Scientists Talk About Research) where I presented GeoLock-AID™, a peer-to-peer donation platform based on GPS positioned multisig wallets aimed to help populations in states of emergency.

Winners of the 2019 Best New Initiative Award

After a year mentoring two cohorts of students seeking to add AI to their curriculum, Concordia University’s Student Union gave us the Award for Best New Initiative for the Concord AI Program.

Pre-Selected in 2019 by Zú's AI-Based Entertainment Accelerator

We presented Trackstream™, a streaming platform based on Blockchain and IPFS to store artists meta-information in a decentralized and permanent fashion while protecting access through valid key signatures.

2019 C2 International Innovation Panel

Guest Speaker in a disscussion panel where we presented the Dancecoin™, a token based on a “Proof-of-Dance” concept using mobile sensors to detect motion while dancing on music from the Trackstream™ streaming platform.

2019 Leaders of Tomorrow in AI

Guest Speaker at the 2019 Leaders of Tomorrow in AI Event, where we discussed “Product-Market Fit”.

The event was organized by the CRIM and IVADO with Défi MONTRÉAL, Airbnb and Stradigi AI.

HEC Montreal - 2019 International Graduate Competition

Guest Speaker and Judge at the HEC 2019 International Graduate Competition where each team was asked to design a Smart City.

The following Business Schools were represented in the competition:

Ryerson University, 國立政治大學 National Chengchi University (NCCU), HEC Montreal, Deusto Business School, RMIT University and The University of Sheffield.

2020 Online Collaboration Platform

Telecode is a task specific, collaboration platform for developers.

2021 Data Privacy

Self-Analytica™ is a data management platform to help leverage the value of data while safeguarding personal privacy.

2021 Sustainable Skills

Teach-AIR™ is a learning platform aimed to teach essential skills in various domains to help attain self-reliability.